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Ashton Industrial

Ashton Industrial

Glass Processing Machines

• Arrissing (seaming) fully and semi automatic lines in compact straight  line, L, U and Z layouts and customised footprints to suit all factories.
• Very heavy duty high performance manual seamers in Wet, Dry and Best-of Both designs.
• Air floatation, water-bath and open-frame castor tables with optional extensions and unique Walk-Thru extension bars.
• Robotic seaming of randomly presented sizes and shapes.
• Double-sided seamers delivering twice the output for little more cost.
• Single belt grinders
• Edge deletion, corner dubbing, laser marking

Manual Seaming / Arrissing Equipment
UNIX XDIAWet Seaming / Arrissing Machines & Tables
UNIX AIRFLOWDry Seaming / Arrissing Machines & Air-Float Tables
BEST OF BOTHWet Seaming / Arrissing Machines with Air-Float Tables
Automatic Seaming / Arrissing Equipment
SEAMMAXX PRO SOLOSemi-Automatic Seaming / Arrissing Lines
SEAMMAXX PROFully Automatic Seaming / Arrissing Lines
SEAMMAXX PRO 3Fully Automatic Triple Belt Seaming / Arrissing Lines
SHAPESEAM PROFully Automatic Shape Seaming / Arrissing Lines
Automatic Batch Building Equipment
BATCHMASTA PROAutomatic Batch Building Systems

• Horizontal compact high performance washers
• Vertical washers, compact and fast.
• Robotic loading and unloading
• Multi-speed multi-directional conveyors and transfers, tilting, turning, pivoting, datum-changers, 180 degree flippers and more.
• Roller, castor, and air floatation tables.
• Protective film applicators with automatic trimming.

Edge Deletion Equipment
EDGE DELETION PROManual Edge Deletion Tables
Laser Marking Equipment
LASERMARK PRO V4Mobile Laser Marking Unit
Glass Washing Machines
HWM PROHorizontal Washing & Drying Machines
VWM PROVertical Washing & Drying Machines

• High performance I G lines for traditional metal spacers, rigid
warm-edge spacers. Automatic assembly and pressing of random
size, thickness, cavity width or shape. Double and triple IGUs.
• Option for staps in both X and Y.
• Heavy duty offline machines including rotary sealing tables, tilting desiccant filler, spacer saws, PIB extruder.
• New Drum Refill Hopper – connects to your existing automatic desiccant filler, refills the desiccant drum without stopping production:
allows desiccant to be purchased in boxes generally 10-20% cheaper
than drums, & less than half the storage space.

Insulating Glass Production Lines and Equipment
IG PROInsulated Glass Production Lines

• Warm-Edge rigid PVC and GFR (Glass Fibre Reinforced)
• ULTRA and NANOMOL Highest performing molecular sieves
• MELTEX hotmelt IGU secondary sealant & PIB primary
• NEDEX polysulphide IGU sealant.

SeamMaXX Pro On-Line Edge Deletion
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ShapeSeam Pro
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SeamMaXX Pro w/ Pivoting Transfer
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RoboLoad Pro
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Manual Arrissing Machines
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Manual Edge Deletion Table
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