Glass Processing Machines

ASHTON INDUSTRIAL is a specialized manufacturer of automated glass processing machinery which is exported all over the world. Often customized to customers’ specific requirements, this equipment is in operation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in many cases.

Company Overview and Services

Manual Seaming / Arrissing Equipment
UNIX XDIA Wet Seaming / Arrissing Machines & Tables
UNIX AIRFLOW Dry Seaming / Arrissing Machines & Air-Float Tables
BEST OF BOTH Wet Seaming / Arrissing Machines with Air-Float Tables
Automatic Seaming /Arrissing Equipment
SEAMMAXX PRO SOLO Semi-Automatic Seaming / Arrissing Lines
SEAMMAXX PRO Fully Automatic Seaming / Arrissing Lines
SEAMMAXX PRO 3 Fully Automatic Triple Belt Seaming / Arrissing Lines
SHAPESEAM PRO Fully Automatic Shape Seaming / Arrissing Lines
Automatic Batch Building Equipment
BATCHMASTA PRO Automatic Batch Building Systems
Insulating Glass Production Lines and Equipment
IG PRO Insulated Glass Production Lines
Edge Deletion Equipment
EDGE DELETION PRO Manual Edge Deletion Tables
Laser Marking Equipment
LASERMARK PRO V4 Mobile Laser Marking Unit
Glass Washing Machines
HWM PRO Horizontal Washing & Drying Machines
VWM PRO Vertical Washing & Drying Machines

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SeamMaXX Pro On-Line Edge Deletion
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ShapeSeam Pro
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SeamMaXX Pro w/ Pivoting Transfer
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RoboLoad Pro
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Manual Arrissing Machines
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Manual Edge Deletion Table
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