Cutting Lines and Sorting Systems

With our wide range of float glass cutting systems, HEGLA has the perfect cutting solution for every customer’s needs. From industrial volume cutting with the shortest processing time, perfect cutting precision and full automation, as offered by the Galactic Plus, through to semi-automatic systems with high cut quality and servo driven synchronized cutting bridge as in the case of the Formline KT: we have the right cutting system for every need.
HEGLA peripheral equipments such as automatic edge coating removal, or the coat removal module for foil-protected glass extend the systems’ range of applications and meet all requirements for professional cutting solutions. HEGLA machines are user-friendly and specifically designed for the application in hand. Due to their modular construction, the cutting line can grow to reflect new requirements. Our float glass cutting systems are available for all national and international glass sizes. HEGLA also has solutions for outsized formats.
The Galactic float glass cutting system gives excellent repeatable cutting accuracy with dynamic acceleration!
Float Glass Shape Cutting Machine with Electromagnetic Linear Drives.
The Heart of the Three-Part Cutting Line for Sorting Systems.
Rapidcut KT
Accurate, automatic and designed as a compact cutting solution. The RAPIDCUT KT is a standalone system specifically developed for cutting models and linear profiles of flat glass that achieves precise scoring results through the use of low-maintenance linear drive technology. The fully graphical HEGLA software, as well as the pre-programmed model catalog, make it easy and time-saving to operate.
Sorting Systems
SortJet for Online-Production – direct from cutting to the insulating glass lines.
Optimax / Optimax Plus
The fully automated cutting systems in Optimax series were designed for industrial volume cutting of coated and uncoated float glass. Driven by CNC-controlled servo motors, the cutting bridge achieves high speeds, which are always perfectly adapted to the cutting contour. The special bridge guides guarantee a consistently accurate cut quality.


HEGLA Floatglas Zuschnitt Galactic Plus
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HEGLA Floatglas-Zuschnitt Galactic Plus+Tandem ReMaster
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HEGLA Floatglas-Zuschnitt Galactic
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HEGLA Sortiersysteme SortJet
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HEGLA VSG-Zuschnitt ProLam
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HEGLA Loading Systems Compact Loader+Galactic
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HEGLA Speichersysteme Tandem ReMaster
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HEGLA Speichersysteme Universal ReMaster Animation
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HEGLA Sortiersysteme SortJet New Generation 2
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HEGLA Speichersysteme VSG ReMaster
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HEGLA Loading Systems Compact Loader
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HEGLA Modellschneidanlage für Floatglas OPTIMAX F
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HEGLA Speichersysteme VSG ReMaster mit Mehrfachbelegung
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HEGLA Speichersysteme VSG ReMaster Animation
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HEGLA Optimax Plus mit Zusatzausstattung zur Lasermarkierung
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Installation of Hegla Cutting Machine
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HEGLA Modellschneidanlage für Verbundsicherheitsglas – ProLam Shape und ProLam Plus Shape
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