Manual Gas Filling

HELANTEC Analysis Technology means:
Correct Determination of The Gas Concentration
Usable for All Standard Gases / Gas Mixtures
Suitable for Multi-Coated IG Units
Suitable for Triple-Glazed Units and All Spacer Materials
Easy Calibration and Plausibility Check
Non-Destructive Measurement Methods
Long Service Life Measuring Cells (Usually More Than 10 Years!)
The Origin of HELANTEC is Gas Analysis
For more than 20 years, we have been delivering gas analyzers for quality control of IG units. Many of these analyzers, “made in Germany”, that we developed specially for use in the insulated glass industry are still in operation today. The worldwide use of our analyzers, for example, by accredited test companies, in laboratories, as well as in the production of major insulated glass manufacturers, clearly confirms the technological lead of HELANTEC systems. For us, standing still means moving backward. Consequently, we constantly optimize our analyzers and develop new types. Many of these innovations are based on the suggestions of our customers. This interaction of customer requirement and technical feasibility is a reflection of our success. All HELANTEC analyzers for quality control require only minimal gas quantities; and by the way, the test unit can also be sold. Yearly factory calibration is not necessary! Our analyzers work with virtually no wear.

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HELOX 4 KVSN-F calibration using the concentration display
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HELOX 4 KVSN-F calibration using the O2 display
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HELANTEC gas fill without turbulences
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RAPIDE calibration very easy and quick
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