Laser Printing

Make your ideas a reality with laser technology from Cerion – you can decorate, drill and cut glass without contact using the concentrated power of the laser beam. More than 10 years of consistent development makes this possible.

We can offer you variety solutions such as

Frost the glass on the surface
Give it a sub-surface 3-dimensional structure
Drill it without contact
Cut it into complex shapes
Removing glass coatings

The c-vertica series is our latest patent-protected innovation. Wherever you don’t need horizontal orientation of the glass, this system gives you a space-saving and efficient laser machine for glass finishing.

Handling of the glass plates is a lot easier since they no longer have to be laid horizontally but rather placed onto the machine. This means that even door-sized glass formats can easily be placed ergonomically onto the c-vertica by a single employee.

The panes of glass are set at a 6° incline on the machine and are well protected from scratches and other damage through the use of soft rollers and supporting elements.

We make the c-vertica system in various sizes and configurations. We would be pleased to send you a no obligation quote with technical details and prices.

The c-matrix series is a heavy-duty and extremely sturdy machine concept developed by Cerion. The machine underframe is made from heavy steel constructions with milled guideways.

We offer the machine table in closed or open construction, depending on the main application. Wherever glass is to be processed in a horizontal orientation this is the ideal solution. The c-matrix systems can be supplied as a hybrid or single laser version.

You can therefore either engrave the sub-surface with a solid state laser or process the surface using a CO2 laser or if you have the hybrid system you can carry out both applications on one and the same machine thanks to the provision of 2 laser beam sources.

We make the c-matrix system in various sizes and configurations. We would be pleased to send you a no obligation quote with technical details and prices.

With the c-professional we offer you a tried and tested system for processing small to large crystal and glass objects. The c-professional is very accessible because of its open construction. Thanks to the programmable multimode operation large quantities can be engraved fully automatically.

So you can leave the c-professional to work by itself without any personnel for many hours or even overnight or at weekends. At the same time the automatically processed glass parts can also have various formats and motifs.

On the generously-sized, solid aluminium table of the c-professional there is also space for large glass formats such as glass table tops or glass signs.

The machine table is covered in a special laser resistant felt, which prevents scratches on the surface of the glass. Insertable templates for various glass formats are supplied with the machine.

An efficient industrial control PC is already integrated into this laser engraving system. The c-professional is equipped with a green laser system for sub-surface engraving of glass as standard.

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