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Glass Coating

Stop staining and corrosion from the outset. Diamon-Fusion easy-to-clean protective coating keeps your glass and glass-like surfaces looking and performing like-new for years to come.

Cuts cleaning time up to 90%
25 Prevents staining and corrosion
Improves brilliance and clarity
Eliminates harsh cleaners

Safeguard your glass investments by protecting them with Clear-Fusion Pro – a professionally applied low-maintenance coating.Cut cleaning time and costs Glass stays cleaner for longer Protect against stains and mildew No more harsh cleaners

The most durable protective coating commercially available, making it an exceptional long-term solution for automotive windshields.Protection from pitting/scratching Repels water, hail and snow Significantly cut cleaning time Benefits glass multiple surfaces

After years of use, some stains can become so deep no matter how much you scrub, they are impossible to remove. DFI’s Restoration Powder cleans and restores water-damaged surfaces to a level unlike any other product on the market – making the glass as good as it was when you first purchased it. This can help save thousands of dollars in replacement costs and tireless backbreaking work. The easy-to-use powder comes in a two/five oz. shaker bottle and may be used alone or as a preparatory cleaning product.Eliminates backbreaking work No more harsh cleaners Restores to like-new condition Wide range of applications

Ensure long-lasting protection on all your glass with DFI products specifically designed and tested to achieve the highest quality results. Applications include shower glass, exterior windows, windshields and much more. Consumer Maintenance Kit Express Care Kit DFI Revitalizer

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