Hasel Steiner

Hasel Steiner

Hasel Steiner

Ceramic Ink Printing
  • Tempering Furnaces
  • Anisotropy
  • Reporting
  • Glass Bending Oven
  • Tempering
  • Heatsoak/EVA-laminating
  • Washing Machines
  • Chemical Tempering Furnace
  • Customized Solutions
Semi automatic RRC HAP

Manual Glass Transport & manual turning oft he glass lite
Frame/Border Roller Coater.
Highest Efficiency = minimal costs!

Fully automatic RRC 60-33 VAP-F

Fully automatic glass transport
Frame/Border Roller Coater – WITHOUT MASKING
Highest efficiency = minimal costs!

Fully automatic FSC

Automatic glass transport
Printing option – Forward or reverse
Highest Efficiency = minimal costs!

Automatic MPS 240 3/4

Höchste Effizienz = minimale Kosten!

Drying Oven BT

Drying Oven with Belt Transport
Highest efficiency = minimal costs!

RT-Drying Oven with Roller Transport

Drying Oven with Roller Transport
Highest Efficiency = minimal costs!

Higher output by intelligent connection = cost reduction!
  • Highest Efficiency = lower costs
  • Cost reduction by reducing Manual interventions
  • Automatic control of work processes
  • Optimization of the product sequence
  • Efficient allocation of process machines
  • Reduction of set-up times
Transfer tables

The transfer tables are available in all variations.
Adapted to customer requirements.
We comply with the wishes of our customers.
Minimum glass size: 400 x 300 mm.

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