Manual Gas Filling

Conventional gas filling technology is based on the displacement of air. With this technology the heavier filling gas (e.g. argon / krypton / mixtures) is introduced into the IG unit from below and it displaces the lighter air.

HELANTEC is also a step ahead in the implementation of conventional gas filling technology:

  • All HELANTEC gas filling systems have our proven gas analyser that ends the filling process.
  • The desired gas concentration can be set individually.
  • HELANTEC gas filling systems have a display for the actual gas concentration.
  • HELANTEC gas filling systems are suitable for all standard gases and gas mixtures used in the insulated glass industry.
  • HELANTEC gas filling systems transport a gas sample to the analyser via a pump. This causes a faster and controlled escape of air, as well as shorter filling times.
  • To make the filling process safer at minimum gas consumption, some HELANTEC gas filling systems have additional intelligence.


HELANTEC offers gas filling systems that can fill as many as 5 IG units simultaneously. Thus – in spite of conventional gas filling technology – a high capacity can be achieved. We recommend that you install the conventional gas filling systems at the end of the production line.

The HELANTEC fast-fill technology should be used for larger units and to avoid bulging.

We would be pleased to advise you in the selection of a suitable gas filling system for your company. In this regard we particularly consider how the “gas filling” process can be most effectively integrated in your existing production structure.

The gas must be filled into the IG unit as homogeneously as possible, otherwise turbulence and entrapped air can occur, (this would then be a purge process, for which at least 4x the quantity of gas is required). Additional consequences are a greater time requirement and unreliable gas concentrations!


We deliver the highest-capacity manual gas filling systems for IG units.

The fast-fill technology is particularly well suited for the following requirements:

  • short cycle times
  • high capacity
  • filling in the production line – prior to the secondary sealing
  • large units, special formats and model IG units
  • universal implementation
  • reliable gas concentration / quality
  • documentation of the entire filling process

With the fast-fill technology, during the filling process, in addition, the air is suctioned out of the IG unit. In this process filling capacity and suction capacity are precisely synchronised. Our proven gas analyser for concentration measurement is integrated in all of our gas filling systems. During the entire filling process, gas concentration is measured continuously and as soon as the desired gas concentration is reached the filling process is ended automatically. This is the only way to achieve uniform quality for each filling process.


The emphasis is not on filling speed, but rather on highest efficiency. In addition to a short filling time, efficiency also includes low gas consumption, reproducible gas concentrations, easy adaptation to different tasks, as well as high availability at low maintenance costs.

The gas must be filled into the IG unit as homogeneously as possible, otherwise turbulence and entrapped air can occur, (this would then be a purge process, for which at least 4x the quantity of gas is required). Additional consequences are a greater time requirement and unreliable gas concentrations!

The integrated process control (IPC) can be installed as an option. With this option the filling process is visualised and documented. Thus you have a verification of quality for each filling process, i.e. each IG unit. Automated and without additional effort.

HELANTEC is always a step ahead and only HELANTEC makes gas visible!

Integrierte Prozesskontrolle (IPC)

The economic success of modern insulated glass production significantly depends on 3 factors:

  • uniform, assured quality
  • optimal, systematic use of all resources (time, material, equipment availability)
  • compliance with statutory regulations (CE mark, EN 1279, documentation, etc.)

HELANTEC offers systems for quality assurance and quality verification. An assured verification is superior to “claim or assume” in every situation.

The IPC (integrated production control) visualises the filling process in real time. At a glance you know whether the filling process is being executed correctly and economically. In addition, all filling processes, i.e. each IG unit, is documented – in an automated procedure, without additional effort.

For gas filling presses, with the IGM/IPA process monitor, consisting of ISO-GAS-METER (IGM) and ISO-PRESS-ANALYSER (IPA), we offer you a gas filling process monitor. Among other things, it monitors and visualises the gas filling process of each manufactured IG unit, signals deviations in concentration, gas consumption, and documents the filling process. It is 100% process monitoring. Thus deviations to the normal production and errors are detected immediately and can be directly resolved. There are no comparable systems on the market! Only HELANTEC makes gas visible.

Although trust, confidence, and hope in a successful production do indeed represent the most comfortable solution, it is far too little for modern industrial manufacturing and thus the corporate risk is too high.

Integrated Process Control (IPC)

The origin of HELANTEC is gas analysis. For more than 30 years, HELANTEC has been delivering gas analysers for quality control of IG units. Many of these analysers, “made in Germany”, that we developed specially for use in the insulated glass industry still in operation today.

The HELOX 4 and ISO-GAS-CONTROL analysers are in operation around the world. They are used by accredited test companies, in labs for insulated glass companies, as well as in production.

For us, standing still means moving backwards. Consequently we constantly optimise our analysers and develop new types. Many of these innovations are based on the suggestions of our customers; and we also consistently develop new ideas for further development on our own. This interaction of customer requirement and technical feasibility is a reflection of our success.

One result of this interaction is our newest analyser, the GAS INSPECTOR. It represents a new generation of analysers for quality control. It was developed for all companies that view quality monitoring as a management task.

The measured gas concentration can be saved combined with the barcode of the IG unit. In this process the data is integrated into company’s internal quality management system, via the integrated network interface.

We developed the hand-held analyser type, the GAS TESTER as a new and lower-priced entry-level model. Naturally, the proven analysis technology with reliable concentration measurement is integrated in this product as well.

We would be pleased to advise you in the selection of a suitable analyser. Surely we will find a device that is suitable for your requirements.


If you bring a properly manufactured insulation glass to a higher elevation the enclosed gas expands due to the lower atmospheric pressure. An over-pressure is evolved In the cavity that bends the glasses and puts pressure on the edge bond. This might lead to breakage, but it surely reduces the lifetime of the insulation glass – depending on the construction and the altitude difference. Another negative side effect is the distorted reflection.

Pressure balance of insulated glass is becoming ever more frequently necessary due to the constantly increasing proportion of triple glazing, larger formats, asymmetric structures and long transport paths. Depending on the structure, pressure balance is recommended starting with a difference in altitude of 400 – 500 meters between the production site and the installation site.

This is no problem! With the HELANTEC ISO-Altimeter PROFESSIONAL you can execute this task in no time at all. Using the ISO-Altimeter PROFESSIONAL the IG unit is prepared in production in such a manner that it is flat at the higher (or lower) altitude of the installation site. Additional after-treatment is not required!

The HELANTEC valve is a small but important detail. Only with this valve can it be ensured that the executed pressure balance remains intact and that your assured characteristic of the IG unit does not change.

ISO-Altimeter BASIC
HELOX 4 KVSN-F calibration using the concentration display
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HELOX 4 KVSN-F calibration using the O2 display
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HELANTEC gas fill without turbulences
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RAPIDE calibration very easy and quick
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