Services for Tempering Machines

TamServices Oy is a dynamic high technology company established in 2010. We have excellent expertise of safety glass machines and processes. Our aim is to offer globally, high expertise and better services to all glass processors using Tamglass machines. TamServices can provide the best choice for the customers to maintain, recondition or upgrade machine capabilities, save energy or extend machine life times with a new PLC control system.
Complete heating elements and divided heaters for Tamglass/Glaston HTFIII -, Super -, ProE-,HTBS - type tempering machines
Heater coils for FC/RC-type Glaston and Uniglass machines Bottom heater frames, insulation materials and all other components for furnace interior renovations.
Furnace and chiller sections rollers and drive components for all conveyors.
Reliable suppliers and subcontactors to ensure quick deliveries.
Our selection consist of over 2000 fully compatible, top-end products which cover all the common tear and wear parts for tempering machines.
Preventative maintenance visits with agreed tasks/schedule. Service contracts for regular maintenance programs.
Emergency visits to solve sudden technical or processing failures.
Machine renovation and repair work with required spare parts.

About Us

Synonymous with best in class quality and service in the European glass machinery industry, HIET provides varied types of glass machinery and services for different categories of customers who consider it a partner of choice.