Breakdown & Preventive Maintenance

Breakdown maintenance guarantees to repair any failure on an emergency or priority basis. Our trained technicians offer extensive timely support to deliver the best quality service in the industry at competitive rates. Our fast response time will prevent expensive and unplanned downtime.
Preventive maintenance helps you keep operations running smoothly and efficiently by preventing machinery breakdown at critical points of production. The aim is to replace main parts to avoid costly emergency repairs and equipment failures whilst in service. Preventive maintenance will help you save money and time.
Breakdown & Preventive Maintenance

Offering Advice And Technical Assistance

Trained specialists offer you the best counsel in the field to enable you to pick the most appropriate machines to upgrade creation and cut inadequate expenditures.

In the wake of choosing the specs and kind of machine, our qualified colleagues will pass on hands-on expertise and information to relegated representatives.

Glass Tempering Machines Consultancy & Service

Finalize Factory Layout

Provide Production Solution

Offering Advice And Technical Assistance

Annual Maintenance and Customised Contracts

To sustain your production efficiency and reduce unplanned machine downtime, we offer you annual maintenance and customized contracts keeping the durability and reliability of your machines at the highest possible level.
Our team of experts will develop the perfect tailor-made maintenance contract for your business according to your production needs by setting optimal maintenance and service intervals. HIET maintain history records to keep track of all your orders and make the process smoother and faster in the future.
Annual Maintenance and Customized Contracts

Planning & Consulting Services for Glass Factories

Our experts offer you comprehensive consulting services to help you set up a new glass factory or upgrade your production lines. The process usually starts by suggesting the most suitable factory layout, which includes top-of-the-line machinery from different exclusive suppliers.

HIET develops customized solutions based on your requirements followed by implementation, training and commissioning. We also offer procurement of raw materials such as glass, fittings, accessories and other expandable parts.

Planning & Consulting Services for Glass Factories

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