Hegla - Taifin

Hegla – Taifin

Hegla – Taifin

Tempering Furnaces

Glass manufacturers are facing ever increasing demands for dimensions of flat tempered glass as well as for higher quality including minimal irisation and perfect flatness. TaiFin’s CTF Furnaces’ innovative modular construction enables unlimited product length with optimal and even heating/cooling capability for every size and thickness of glass. Powerful convection system enables production of all glass types from clear to coated low-e. User friendly and advanced control system makes production of various glass types easy and simple.

– Advanced area control technology to guarantee superior glass quality
– For Low-e production as well as for all types of temperable glasses
– Thanks to modular construction there is no limits for the glass size
– Easy to operate with user friendly controls
– Easy maintenance

WINDSCREENS AND SPECIAL GLASS bending furnaces, from furnaces for passenger car windscreens to ones for large buses and special vehicles.

– Complex shapes
– High capacity and mixed production
– Advanced heating and cooling control
– Modular design allows to have the best possible configuration for each case and customer
– Easy maintenance

Taifin CTF Series: Full Convection Flat Tempering
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TaiFin SGBFi One Level Furnace
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