Glass Inspection Cameras


Recognise glass defects from the start

The Jumbo Controller allows for the optimisation of glass processing at the start of the production line.

Detecting Glass Defects with Low Investment


The highly standardized ECO Scanner detects defects strong in contour and contrast like scratches, seeds and bubbles. This range of performance makes the ECO Scanner ideal for the control of e.g. grinded glass directly after having passed a washer. So it secures a good glass quality or the chance to scrap defected glass before adding more value to it.

Due to the mentioned high degree of standardization and a revolutionary working principle a price level has become achievable, which is far below the modular Quality Scanner series.

In dissected production structures a central control of of glasses is impossible. Due to the price level of the single devices it is possible to implement quite a few scanners with a total investment still allowing a quick payback.

For Highest Expectations in Glass Quality


The Quality Scanner automates your glass quality control and brings it to the highest standard. This efficient quality control machine is incorporated directly after glass washing and detects reliably all different types of glass defects – Making it ideal for a profitable glass production and processing.

Measure and Minimize Anisotropies in Facade Glazings and Rework white haze


When it comes to the visual quality of tempered and heat-treated glass, anisotropy is a top concern among producers and architects or end users. Anisotropies, also known as iridescence, present as dark circles, spots or stripes in the glass that are visible in polarized light, from certain angles or through polarized sunglasses. The visual effect is caused by different tensions in the glass, mostly resulting from the tempering process.

As option in addition to measuring anisotropies, the scanner can detect white haze on the glass, which can be caused by dust, rollers or other factors in the furnace. The haze detection allows operators to know exactly where they must rework the glass to ensure a clean surface before sending it to the next processing stage or the customer.

Precise Inspection of Glass Quality and Dimensions


The Quality Checker takes over the final inspection within your glass production and verifies optical glass quality and glass dimensions. At the same time, the machine documents all quality relevant results. This efficient final quality control can be integrated within the tempered glass production as well as at the end of the insulated glass production line. This allows you to further reduce your claim costs, secure your in time delivery and to be always prepared for the worst case scenario.

Locate Glass Defects Quickly and Precisely


With the integration of the Defect Pointer into the Quality Scanner or into the Quality Checker, you automatically increase the productivity and quality of your glass manufacturing. Furthermore, through the exact, visual localisation of the defects, it is practically impossible for your employees to overlook the defect, as the LED-based Defect-positioning indicator is integrated directly into the inspection area.

Inspecting Glass for coating on outer surface


The Coating Sensor detects in direct passing whether there is a coating on the outside of an insulated glass and hereby prevents complaints. The sensor can also be used for single panes to correct wrongly positioned glass in time.

Viprotron Quality Scanner
Viprotron Quality Scanner
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