Water Treatment

The VITROSEP Technicians design and manufacture the solutions by offering personalized attention and adapting them to the needs of the client.

  1. Conitank
  2. Underground Tanks
  3. Tanks Union
  4. Vitrosep Edge
  5. Tanks Combination
  6. Greta
The VITROSEP Glass Particle Separator separates all particle sizes, guaranteeing clean water and producing dry waste. It works in a real closed circuit without water losses and ensuring great savings. Customers who choose VITROSEP water treatment see reduced costs in diamond tools, energy and maintenance. They have less unproductive time and their production processes are compatible with respect for the environment.
VITROSEP researches continues to improve the system to separate effectively the glass particles providing clean quality water and a dry waste. In this section there are the latest VITROSEP upgrades to complement the VITROSEP system, increase its functions and add new technology.
  1. Additional Charged Water Pump
  2. Collection Trolley
  3. Conveyor For Waste Transportation
  4. Electronic Pump Control
  5. Flow Sensor
  7. Kit Upgrade Mirilla

VITROSEP supplies a complete range of consumables, additives, accessories and spare parts to ensure maximum performance of your Glass Particle Separator and achieve the best solutions for your glassware.

VITROSEP Glass Particle Separator
VITROSEP Glass Particle Separator
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